Affordable guaranteed advertising platform for small and large businesses


Our SMS Broadcast offers you a low and affordable text message platform in the United Kingdom, Europe, North America and the world. Our service is fast. It provides a simple, self service account for you to manage your sms marketing or campaign. You can sign up and use our service without needing to contact us, which reduces our costs and allows us to offer you lower prices. However, we always have a friendly support team, to assist you, should you encounter any issues, by email or by phone.


There is no monthly billing or set up fee. Free accounts and you buy what you want. For large accounts, we are able to assist you directly for sending your bulk SMS… for 10,000 and up. Talk to us.


Each credit buys a single text message of up to 160 characters. You can also write longer messages (up to five messages joined together) for additional credits. The maximum length of a message is 765 characters – five joined messages costing 5 credits.


All text messages sent through our service are delivered through reliable on-net carrier connections. This is the only reliable way to deliver text messages in the UK and will ensure your messages are delivered as quickly as possible.




  • Communications (HR, IT, Accounting) 
  • Customer Service      mobile-marketing-sms-text-esellertext
  • SMS Marketing
  • Mass Text Alerts
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Loyalty & Coupon Tools
  • SMS Verification / Authentication
  • SMS Surveys
  • Event Promotion Event Promotion